About Us


  • Are you a food lover?
  • Are you curious about cuisine from around the world ?
  • Do you always wonder how to cook your favorite food ?
  • Are you living abroad and miss your home cook food ?


MainCuisine.com was built to help satisfy your cravings !



What inspired MainCuisine.com ?

While I was living abroad for sometime, I found myself constantly searching and craving for a taste of home. Then it hit me with this idea to group all different cuisine videos from all over the world. As a food lover, I feel the food is all about love and sharing hence this website would be my platform to share with you the dishes that I love. With due respect to vegans, it may contains some meat photos and video guides. There’s a specified vegan category for you to choose. All videos are manually reviewed and categorized accordingly.
Enjoy all the videos, I am sure you will start drolling soon !


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