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Fill in the particulars below in the form,
* Name of your business / cuisine / product / cafe / restaurant
* 55 characters, short description ; e.g. “Your cafe made the best authentic coffee in the town”
* Business address and operation hour
* 2 images of your cuisine / products
* Tell us why you recommend it to us ; e.g. “Delicious and reasonable price”

* * Limited Space Available
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– SiMpLE, Reward Customers & Loyal Viewers at the same time to encourage exposure for local business.
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Please read the following terms and condition below.

The Ads Submission form and Analytics Blueprint of Potential Country and Products that our viewers are looking for is at the bottom of  the page.

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Terms and Condition

  1. Upon submission, MainCuisine will liaise with applicant(s) on business / cuisine / product / cafe / restaurant to make sure it’s genuine and has a good reputable service before eligible to be listed in our website.
  2. Business / cuisine / product / cafe / restaurant shall be direct and shall not mislead consumers.
  3. Consumers or business owners are require to submit 2 Images (min 512px x 512px or High Resolution )
  4. Free 1 Month listing in “Our Shop” page  
  5. New listing will be showcase randomly in Front Page of our Official Website for a period of time.
  6. MainCuisine has the right to re-design images submitted in order to fit on our Ad(s) page.
  7. Business owners are not allow to change the image(s) or product(s) after submission unless with a written email reason for changes Email Contact Form
  8. Business owners are allow so submit One(1) business / cuisine / products for the FREE Advertising  
    ( UNLIMITED ! )

Note : ( FREE LIFETIME ) and ( UNLIMITED ADS ) is open to all consumer(s) or business owner(s) and is available for a period of time. So GRAB this opportunity and contribute to all viewers around the world and at the same time get more exposure !


Frequently Ask Questions


1. Who is eligible for Ads Posting?

From pristine cuisine restaurant to housewife who are good at cooking / baking and would like to expand and share your food-work business online. Opportunity is here and it is never too late to start NOW ! Priority is quality and reputable service that your could provide.


2. What will happen to my Ad(s) after 1 month FREE listing?

The ads will be remove from “Our Shop” page 


3. How to keep and maintain the Ad(s) in the website?

To extend and maintain your ad(s) in our website, an amount of USD 30.00 for Member registration 


4. How many Ad(s) is allow for Member(s)?

Member(s) is eligible to list up to 5 Ads and NON replace-able. 


5. How long will the Ad(s) display in the website for Member?

For Member, your Ad(s) will be listed(Lifetime) in our “Our Shop” page according to Country and Category.


6. If I would like to list on the Front Page and Post Page , how much would it cost?

An amount of USD 15.00 per Ad / per customer for duration of 21 Days.


7. If I would like to list on Front Page?

An amount of USD 10.00 per Ad / per customer for duration of 21 Days.


8. If I would like to change the image of business / cuisine / product?

FREE of charge for the first time and subsequent will be charge for USD 5.00 per changes.




Sample Placement of Ads


Front Page Ads


Post Page Ads



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