Kransekake is a ringed almond cake traditional in Denmark and Norway for weddings, Christmas and other special occasions. Typically the icing is piped in delicate loops between layers but I had four to construction in [More]
We recently received a YouTube request to make this very traditional Rye Bread Porridge or in Danish Øllebrød med flødeskum. We are so glad we to made it for sure! We have not had it [More] Get Baba’s free newsletter and Ukrainian culture books. “Baba’s Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul Food” and “Rosie’s Rescue.” Visit Baba’s Facebook page: Enjoy Eastern European cookbook, Ukrainian cookbook, Russian cookbook, Middle Eastern cookbook, Jewish cookbook, [More]
Kutia is an essential dish at the Christmas Eve Supper I would like to acquaint you with this dish and show briefly how we cook it in Ukraine 🙂
From the students of the Kremenchuk Teacher’s Training School in Kremenchuk, Poltava oblast, Ukraine. On Christmas Eve, Ukrainians traditionally prepare a 12-dish meal, and these 12 dishes represent the 12 apostles. In Ukraine, Christmas is [More]
In the country where I’m from we eat this simple and delicious dish for Christmas Eve and during all Holly Holidays. And I never ever get bored of it! Always were special, always so sweet [More]
0,5 л пшениці – 0,5 l wheat залити 2 л води – pour over 2 l water allow to rest 8 hours drain 1,5 л свіжої води – 1,5 l fresh water закип’ятити, зменшити вогонь [More]
Самый вкусный рецепт Рождественской кутьи из тех, что пробовала приготовить, выбрала из нескольких вариантов за несколько лет и этот стал излюбленным.) Приготовьте и убедитесь сами. “Fretless” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution [More]
Spelled Kolatski or Kolaczki Cookies A traditional cookie of Baltic Region Ingredients: 3 Sticks of butter (4oz each)(Slightly Softened) 1 Cream Cheese 8oz package (Slightly Softened) 3 cups flour 2 inch Square Cookie Cutter Preheated [More]
This time I am presenting you how to make Polish Veggie Salad.It is served for Easter, Christmas or any bigger occasion. It is made mostly out of root vegetables and I love it so much! [More]