Kimpira sautéed Burdock is a dish mede from three different root vegetables. It stands for one of the japanese dishes containing rich nutriments of root vegetrables. Ingredients:Burdock Carrot Lotus root White toasted sesame seeds Soy [More]
This video will show you how to make Kakiage, a kind of Tempura dish with a variety of chopped vegetables and seafood. Full recipe here: Connect with us on Facebook: Subscribe for more [More]
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It’ so easy and quick to make it. Kiriboshi Daikon is such a useful dried food that you don’t have to cut anymore. It contains more nutrients than raw daikon and besides is very simple. [More]
One of my favorite Japanese foods, kimchi monjayaki. It is a relative of okonomiyaki, but tastes much better, in my opinion. The kimchi is optional, in fact there are countless options on how to make [More]
The Chinese yam chopped into rectangles are crunchy. These are mixed with chopped Umeboshi and the taste is so fresh. When you are tired from the heat of summer, you had better eat Umeboshi. Umeboshi [More]
Speaking of foods going with beer, Japanese people think of Edamame (green soybeans). Edamame holds vitamin members needed for summer. The way to make is so easy that edamame is popular. When you add edamame [More]
You can buy tofu in any supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan. The way to cook is so easy and it has so much nutrition that tofu is very popular overseas. Why don’t you try [More]
It’s said this dish is relative of okonomiyaki(I don’t really know about it though). We order 3 dishes which I forgot the name. And since all menu is written in Japanese, we ask the most [More]
Recipe here: Connect with us on Facebook: This video will show you how to make Takoyaki, the soul food for Kansai people! It’s not that hard to make it, just watch our video! [More]
#1. Takoyaki or Octopus balls (たこ焼き) are a popular Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked on a special molded grill. The balls are filled with chunks of octopus, tempura scraps, pickled [More]