Dominican Cake (Bizcocho Dominicano) Recipe at Recipe for Stabilized Whipped Cream at Subscribe to my Youtube channel **My NEW e-book, Cruise Ship Desserts is now available. Get your FREE copy by signing [More]
Cassava Cake is one of my favorite dessert in the Philippines. Easy to prepare and tastes super! 👌😄 RECIPE at the end of this video😉
This video will show you how to make bibingkang galapong using a food processor. It is quick, easy and the result is good. Since I’m using a little bit of glutinous rice, the texture of [More]
Get the details of this recipe (in English) here: Cassava Cake is a type of sweet sticky Filipino Dessert made from grated cassava. The cassava root is peeled, grated, and cleaned before mixing with [More]
JCI Mandaue embarks on a feature series with Garbo Sa Mandaue, showcasing people and places that make us proud to be from Mandaue City, Philippines. Our first episode features Leah P. Mayol, an entrepreneur of [More]
Recipe makes two Battenberg Cakes Ingredients for almond sponge • 350g very soft butter • 350g Tate & Lyle Golden Caster Sugar • 280g self-raising flour • 100 ground almonds • 1 tsp Dr. Oetker [More]
Battenberg Cake is an impressive cake originating in England, consisting of two different color sponge cakes assembled in a chequered pattern, bonded together with apricot jam and covered with homemade marzipan. The cake is moist,rich [More]
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