This delicious and sweet coconut jam tastes perfect on toasted bread. I love to start my day with Kaya bread and I hope that you will enjoy this simple recipe. Full cooking recipe on website: [More]
It is not only a favourite among locals but I know foreigners who really enjoy this dish more than any other asian dishes. It is the Hainanese Chicken Rice. The chicken is poached and is [More]
An easy Malaysian Laksa Nyonya recipe that is both quick and delicious. Laksa Paste Ingredients – • 1 cup fried shallots • ¼ cup minced garlic • 1/2 Tbsp galangal powder • 1 tsp turmeric [More]
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Bo bo (Bubur) cha cha is a colorful dessert. It does not only sound fun but it is very rich in flavor. The amazing fragrance from the pandan leaves simply completes this dessert. Full cooking [More]
This is a chicken soup recipe with a twist, a nyonya twist! There are some potatoes in the soup which makes it a very filling dish by itself. With a bit of fermented bean paste [More]
If there is one dish which represents Malaysia, I think we Malaysians will pick Nasi Lemak to be THE ONE! A basic plate of nasi lemak can be rather plain but the spices that adorn [More]
Ingredients list, step-by-step instructions & recipe notes, view full recipe here 详细步步图解食谱 ▼ ▼ SUBSCRIBE TO HUANG KITCHEN ▼ ? Youtube Channel: ? Facebook Page: ? Instagram: ➕ Google+: ? [More]
Pineapple tarts could be one of the most popular cookie during Chinese New Year. It could be found on almost all homes celebrating this festivity. As pineapples are known to have the significance of good [More]
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