Extremely delicious, rather healthy and very easy to do! 😉 Ingredients: 200g grated coconut 1.5 cups pitted fresh dates 2 tbsp cocoa powder 1 tsp vanilla extract @ Lohja, Finland, 19.12.2016 RAWFINN – VEGAN WORLD [More]
I realize that very few people will make this with reindeer, but if you can, I strongly recommend trying it.
Reindeer Stew is a very traditional and savory comfort food here in Finland. It’s typically served with mashed potatoes and mashed lingonberries. In this video I walk you through my Primal version of this classic! [More]
This crustless swede/rutabaga/neep pie is gluten-free, requires no baking and is sweetened naturally. Get the full recipe — http://www.veganlovlie.com/2015/05/crustless-no-bake-rutabaga-swede-pie.html I most often use swede in savoury recipes but from time to time, I steer way [More]
This was the first time I made the traditional Swedish Potato Dumplings called Kroppkaka. I thought this sounded delicious as I love fried bacon and onions. These hearty mashed potato dumplings or in Swedish Kroppkaka [More]
Homemade Norwegian egg coffee ( Norske Egg Kaffe) is popular among Americans of Scandinavian origin in the Midwest, and apparently it was something immigrants brought with them from Norway. The egg helps the coffee grounds [More]
How to Make Red Beetroot Soup -Finnish Recipe- Suomalainen – Punajuurikeitto – Borscht Ingredients •3 medium apple size beetroots •2 large size potatoes •1 finely chopped Onion •1 celery stalk •1 carrot •1/2 a white [More]
我觉得要用一个词来形容日式土豆沙拉的话,那就是迷之好味……材料和做法都非常简单,但是吃起来就是有种妥帖舒服的感觉~ Facebook: Amanda tastes 曼食慢语 Instagram: amandatastes 微信订阅号:amandatastes 新浪微博:Amanda的小厨房 策划,主持人:Amanda 曼达 制作单位:Videlicio.us by Fuji TV 富士电视台 监制单位:Tastemade Inc. 品味生活
How To Make Best Hot German Potato Salad With Bacon Living in Germany we enjoyed celebrating Oktoberfest. In a few weeks it will be Oktoberfest. So I definitely want to make delicious homemade German food. [More]
Kristina Vanni, Finlandia’s Nordic Food Expert, shares her recipe for smoked salmon pasties with Finlandia Cheese’s black garlic creamy gourmet Cheese. It’s a savory snack recipe that you have to make!
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