Chicken & White Asparagus Tartlet Ingredients •1 jar of asparagus •2 pieces of chicken breast •1 leek, 1 celery stalk, a couple of carrots •bayleaf, parsley, thyme, salt, pepper •1/3 cup cream •2 tbsp. butter [More]
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Beloved of cast iron cooks and Internet freaks, here’s a six-pound chicken wrapped, or draped, in bacon and roasted in an Australian made Solidteknics cast iron BigSkillet. This was slow-cooked for two hours and forty [More]
A new favourite in our household – home made chicken and egg fried rice 😁👍❤🎥 Friday 15th September 2017 #voila #cookingwithoutarecipe #food #foodporn #ricedish #omelette #chinese #chinesestyle #soysauce #cooking #homecooking #chef #Dundee #Scotland #friedrice #chinesefood [More]
Mark Sargeant prepares a delicious version of a chicken roast… The Great British Menu season 4. Top British chefs compete to have their dishes included in a home-coming banquet for returning soldiers.
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