Homemade Mexican Chimichanga “fried burrito”. Fresh flour tortilla Also my eyelash extension experience. Thank you for all the love Here is my address: Po Box 751481 Las Vegas, Nv 89136-1481 Please follow me on my [More]
MEXICAN FOOD FRIED SNACK MUKBANG “DUROS” “CHICHARONES”🇲🇽 duro pallets: https://www.amazon.com/Duros-Mexican-Pellets-Large-1-Lb-Duritos/dp/B00JRN4J26/ref=sr_1_6_s_it?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1478998723&sr=1-6&keywords=duros+mexican Euro wheels: https://www.amazon.com/Duros-Mexican-Wagon-Wheels-1-Lb-Duritos/dp/B00IGHPIH4/ref=sr_1_2_s_it?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1478998723&sr=1-2&keywords=duros+mexican good gaming snack
Usually made of by the staples hot cooked rice, barbecued pork, cooked shrimps, scallions, chopped, including green ends, eggs slightly stirred and peas Yang Chow Rice is a popular Cantonese style wok fried rice dish [More]
Hello Everyone., Welcome to my FOOD and TRAVEL Channel. My name is Waa Usap. I live in Bangkok Thailand which is the city that has lots of Street Foods all around, I like to walking [More]
Crispy fried chicken is a standard dish in the Cantonese cuisine of southern China and Hong Kong. The chicken is fried in such a way that the skin is extremely crunchy, but the white meat [More]
Fried Rice Lovers. Here another variation, this time with mouth watering chinese pork BBQ ( Char Siu ). Instead of traditional way by using soy sauce, we used oyster sauce. Excellent for your lunch box [More]
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Hello Everybody, Today I would like to show you a FAMOUS KUALA LUMPUR Cantonese KUNGFU CHOW HOR FUN which means Cantonese Pan Fried Hor Fun. It is one of my favorite Noodle Dish. It is [More]
這麵好吃到 我淚流滿面 更多做吧!噪咖系列►►https://goo.gl/EuFKI7 生活小巧思讓生活更有趣;美味小廚娘你我輕鬆當! 看似簡單的物品重新利用超聰明;普通的食材讓你吮指回味~ 材料 : 科學麵 2包、蛋黃1顆、 豬肉片適量、 蝦仁適量、 紅蘿蔔適量、香菇 適量、 青江菜適量、開水200 cc、 醬油 2匙、 蠔油 1匙、 胡椒適量、 太白粉水適量 做法 : 1.放下2包泡麵,倒入熱水,蓋上蓋子,約40秒,將麵撈起 2. 麵加入蛋黃,攪拌拌勻 3. 準備一個平底鍋,倒入沙拉油 4. 放入麵條,雙面煎至金黃,起鍋 5. 鍋中倒入沙拉油、青蔥、肉片、蝦仁、香菇、青江菜、紅蘿蔔、 水,拌炒均勻 6. 接著加入醬油、蠔油、白胡椒粉,拌勻煮滾 [More]
Hello Guys! Welcome to my channel, Street Foods & Travel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsVu7fwE3hDx4q6k49wB6JA This channel will show you the life style of Cambodian people especially street foods or they eat daily. There are many types of Khmer/Cambodian [More]