6 Sumptuous German Streusel Cakes Banana Hazelnut Streusel Cake with Caramel Sauce A wonderful twist on streusel cake using ripe bananas. As with most baking recipes containing bananas, the riper the better. The hazelnutstreusel covers [More]
Brisbane based KING OF CAKES specialises in creating authentic German and European cakes, pastries and freshly baked bread. They also serve coffee and breakfast menu. King of Cakes 531 Sandgate Rd, Clayfield QLD Australia 4011 [More]
Black Forest Cake (German) Black Forest Cake (German) recipe How to make Black Forest Cake (German) Ingredients Butter cake 300 g – butter 300 g – caster sugar 6 – eggs 300 g (2 cups) [More]
Watch this video to find out how to make this recipe. Click to subscribe for more recipe. SCHNECKEN – GERMAN BREAD Ingredients 420 grams refined flour (maida) + for dusting 115 grams butter 242 ml [More]
This cake is a old classic cake baked in Sachsen. It is sometimes called only as Eierschecke or Dresdner Eierschecke……My apologize I mentioned in the video the name wrongly…Remember it is “EIERSCHECKE” if you pronounce [More]
Schmalzkuchen is a popular speciality in Germany often sold at Fairs and Christmas Markets. Translated into English they would be called Lard cakes, but since this Recipe doesn’t contain any Lard it can also be [More]
This traditional dessert from southern Germany is so easy to make and it gets more delicious each time you make it! Don’t forget to prepare enough vanilla sauce! All you need: 500 g all-purpose flour [More]
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I’ve tasted a lot of different cheesecakes to date. And this recipe maybe creates the most fluffy results. Keep in mind: This is not the typical american cheesecake (which is also fine). You need curd [More]