How To Make Best Hot German Potato Salad With Bacon Living in Germany we enjoyed celebrating Oktoberfest. In a few weeks it will be Oktoberfest. So I definitely want to make delicious homemade German food. [More]
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VLOG OF [ NOV 23, 2015 | DAY 1066 ] Dorie and Sara are filming at Sara’s Mom’s kitchen while NERO is helping. Lots of christmas cookie recipes will await you 😉 —- P.O. BOX [More]
Hi’s recipe is about Brötchen! Homemade German Rolls. They have hard exterior, sturdy, crusty, chewy, and soft inside. This recipe is without egg and milk. Please subscribe for more videos every week… I [More]
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Bavarian chocolate layer cake (Prinzregententorte) is a real delight on my long list of cake recipes. The thin layer cake filled with chocolate cream and chocolate glazing. It can be a bit time consuming like [More]
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German Chocolate Pie recipe for Thanksgiving. A twist on a classic and delicious chocolate cake. Subscribe to my channel at: Follow me on Twitter: @BrianR2 Instagram: @BRICHARDJR Blogger: Tumblr: Send [More]
Thanks for watching! Click here for the full recipe: This German Chocolate Lover’s Frozen Pie is simple divine! It’s a great, crowd pleasing dessert recipes that requires almost no baking at all! The combination [More]
German people love to eat, and they certainly know how to cook. My grandfather was born and raised in the communal society of the Amana Colonies in Iowa, and I’ve attended many family reunions and [More]