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How to cure, smoke, and cook homemade bacon. It’s much easier than you’d think; it just requires a couple of special ingredients and the right equipment. Jalapeño Garlic Bacon 3 lb. pork belly with skin [More]
原料:新鲜鸭蛋12个,高度白酒100ml,细盐150g 做法: 1. 将新鲜鸭蛋在白酒中滚一圈 2. 然后在细盐中滚一圈,让鸭蛋表面均匀地裹上一层盐 3. 用一块保鲜膜将鸭蛋包裹起来 4. (选用)所有的鸭蛋都滚过盐包好后在太阳下暴晒半天 5. 将鸭蛋放回原本的纸盒中,在阴凉处腌制25-30天,每周将纸盒翻转一次 6. 腌好的鸭蛋冲净浮盐,倒入没过鸭蛋的冷水,大火煮开后小火煮8-10分钟即可 Tips: 1. 用保鲜膜将鸭蛋单独包裹,以及腌制前在太阳下暴晒,都可以帮助蛋黄出油 2. 腌制过程中翻面,是为了让鸭蛋内部腌得均匀 3. 视鸭蛋的大小,腌制25-30天蛋黄才会出油,蛋白会比较咸。若要蛋白不过咸可以只腌20天左右 4. 腌好的鸭蛋冲掉表面的盐,擦干后冰箱保存,鸭蛋就不会越来越咸
Hi everyone, this is Sunny. Welcome to my channel, SunnyInTheKitchen. I’m sooo excited to share my very first cooking video with you all. SUBSCRIBE if you like it. This Sweet&Sour pork ribs is a traditional [More]
Homemade Jolly Ranchers: https://youtu.be/kiyU7x_H1YY Today Jenn Johns shows you how to make 3 kinds of homemade salt water taffy! Using cotton candy, bubble gum and funfetti, delicious, this melt-in-your-mouth homemade taffy candy can be made [More]
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Hey friends! Happy Tasty Tuesday! Hope you enjoy this pumpkin bread! It’s so delicious and moist! 😀 Ingredients: 1 (15 ounce) can pumpkin puree 4 eggs 2/3 cup water 1 cup vegetable oil 3 cups [More]