Product name: 0:04 ぷちキッチン (Petit Kitchen) 2:13 Let’s クッキング! (Let’s Cook!) Brand: Re-Ment (1) It cost 263 yen per set. (Made in 2004-2006)▲This set is discontinued. (2) For ages 12 and up. Those are not [More]
lets make some empanadas or how some people call it Patelillos. Ingredients – Discos (flour) can find them at any supermarket or store – Cheese (your choice) Sauce – Mayonaisse ( Hellmans) – Ketchup (Hunts) [More]
Perfect summer dessert! I just love this and the topping is just… Delicious!!! SUBCRIBE for DAILY recipes: 4-6 people You will need: 2 liters of buttermilk 1 cup of heavy cream 1 tsp of [More]
Samira’s Kitchen Episode # 54 Candied fruit coffee cake Mixed nut cake Vanilla crescent cookies
I love these, so tasty! Different and good with the chocolate! But just because they are called cheese Danish, does not mean they are Danish. We do not have these in Denmark! 😀 SUBCRIBE for [More]
The Danes Christmas Eve dessert! Just so delicious! SUBCRIBE for DAILY recipes: 4 people You will need: 135 grams of short grain rice 2 tbsp of sugar 400 ml of heavy cream 850-900 ml [More]
Homemade risalamande…A wonderful Danish dessert! SUBCRIBE for DAILY recipes: You will need: 135 grams of short grain rice 2 tbsp of sugar 200 ml of heavy cream (100 for each) 400 ml of heavy [More]
Welcome to Bonita’s Kitchen! Today we will be making Blueberries and Cream Trifle. Ingredients: Berry Mixture: 2 Cups Fresh or Frozen blueberries 2 Tbsp Sugar 2 Tbsp Cornstarch 1/4 Cup Cold water 1/2 Tbsp lemon [More]
Steve’s Kitchen is serving up a delicious Cheese Dip in a Crusty Sourdough Cob, SUBSCRIBE so you never miss a new video: which is just one in the Dip Series that he is doing [More]
America’s Test Kitchen S02E22 Diner Pies
Greetings! The Holidays Are Coming! Yes they are! Halloween is close and then on to the big guns, Thanksgiving and Christmas! I don’t know about you, but Thanksgiving would not be Thanksgiving in our house [More]