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Learn how to make Thai coconut soup in this demo. The combination of sweet potato and bok choy make this a yummy, vegan version of the Tom Kha Gai soup.
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張媽媽蕃薯糖水,天氣轉涼,食咗暖笠笠。 記得like我的Video同訂閱我的頻道呀! 如喜歡的話,請分享給朋友家人。謝謝。 MamaCheung’s Sweet Potato Sweet Soup, a popular Chinese dessert for winter times. I hope you like it. Please subscribe to my channel, give me a thumbs up and share this recipe to [More]
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Host Christina Ng adds a hint health and floral flavor to a classic Chinese soup dessert
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This sweet dessert is traditional to Hong Kong and the Chinese. Literally, in Cantonese it means “Sweet Potato Sugar Water”. Follow Me; Website: Facebook: Instagran:
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