Traditional Chinese Pork Ribs Recipe, glazed with a sweet and tart sauce. Bring the smell and flavors of Asia to your kitchen! Everything you need to make ‘delicious’: 500 g pork ribs 2-3 stalk green [More]
How to make Korean BBQ Short Ribs Galbi. 材料 Ingredients: 牛肋骨 Short Ribs 2lbs 洋蔥 Onion 醬油 Soy Sauce 1/3Cup 糖 Sugar 1/3Cup 蒜頭 Garlic 6pcs 青蔥 Scallion 麻油 Sesame Oil 3Tbsp 胡椒粉 Pepper 1tsp
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Recipe at: Literally meaning sugar and vinegar, this is a dish with classic Chinese origins. Zhe Jiang vinegar is made from fermented glutinous rice. It is dark in colour and and has a rich [More]
Love those spare ribs that you can get in many Chinese restaurants? You can recreate these at home. These are easy to make, and require ingredients you can find in the Asian section of your [More]
Ingredients: * 2 tbsp. oyster sauce * 3 tbsp. soy sauce * 2 tbsp. Chinese rice wine * 2 tbsp. fermented black beans (tausi) * 1 tsp. sugar * 2 tsp. sesame oil * 3 [More]
Retired Chief Lee, demonstrate & show you, how to make this Bitter Melon cooking, that is very beneficial to our health. Bitter Melon have been proven & helps maintained good blood sugar well being. I [More]
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OPEN ME! Hello everyone! It feels forever since my last video, life got a little busy lately 😉 Pork rib is probably my most favorite meat, I also really like chicken wings! Since it’s not [More]
This sweet and sour spare ribs recipe is different from many others because we don’t blanch the pork ribs. Blanching the ribs seems to remove a lot of the marinade’s flavor… so I suggest you [More]
Hi everyone, this is Sunny. Welcome to my channel, SunnyInTheKitchen. I’m sooo excited to share my very first cooking video with you all. SUBSCRIBE if you like it. This Sweet&Sour pork ribs is a traditional [More]