Flautas Recipe – How to make Flautas – Flautas Mexicanas – Rump Roast Beef – Mexican Flautas Ingredients: 20 to 25 tortillas 2 lbs rump roast beef 1/2 onion 2 bay leaves 2 large garlic [More]
I visited the famous Tang Jai Yoo restaurant in China town Bangkok, known from an episode of “No Reservations” where chef MCDANG (an Asian Famous TV chef) took Anthony Bourdain (Food critic, chef and host [More]
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Char siu (Chinese: 叉燒; Cantonese Yale: chā sīu; literally: “fork roast”), is a popular way to flavor and prepare barbecued pork in Cantonese cuisine.[1] It is classified as a type of siu mei (燒味), Cantonese [More]
ChefSteps ultimate roast chicken yields a chicken with glassy and crispy skin but also tender and extremely juicy flesh. http://www.chefsteps.com/activities/ultimate-roast-chicken If you have a non convection/lower temp oven, plan for the searing step to take [More]
Watchin the man chop up half a duck for our dinner. Yum yum. About 7 dollars for this meal!
Cantonese style roast duck and crispy roast pork served in steamed Chinese buns, and topped with thinly sliced cucumbers, scallions and sweet hoisin sauce. Siu yuk (Chinese: 燒肉 / 火肉 literally: “roast meat”) is a [More]
火腩就是燒肉,是廣東的一種燒臘食品。用火腩炆豆腐,非常美味。 完整食譜 : http://buff.ly/2mIVBSm English version : http://bit.ly/20YzG0
Get the full recipe: http://yummyeasycooking.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/crispy-roast-pork-belly-recipe_15.html
Signature roast goose restaurant Yue Kee has been running in Sham Tseng for almost 60 years. Raymond Ng Wai-wang took over the business from his father, but he continues to stick to traditional methods to [More]