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張媽媽豉汁蒸鱔,傳統廣東名菜,很開胃,最適合宴客啊!請like我的Video和訂閱我的頻道呀! 如果喜歡的話,請分享給朋友家人。謝謝。 MamaCheung’s steamed eel with black bean sauce, a traditional Cantonese dish. Please subscribe to my channel, give me a thumbs up and share this recipe to other foodies! Thank you. 梅菜蒸肉餅做法, Meat patty [More]
Retired Chef Mr. Fai , show you How to make this, delicious stir fry authentic Chinese cooking. pork is so tender and the veggie is crunchy. excellent over a bowl of hot steamed rice.